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Area of Expertise
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Human Nutrition and Health Professor Kevin Cashman
(Professor of Food and Health)
Diet, genetics and bone health

Vitamins K and D in health and disease

Effect of dietary factors on calcium absorption
Nutrigenomics in diet and bone health 4902384University College Cork
Dept. Microbiology, Areas of Expertise and Knowledge
Microbioligy Staff
Professor Gerald Fitzgerald
(Professor of Food Microbiology and Head of Department)
Probiotic cultures - fundamental analysis and applications in foods and functional foods

Biochemistry, physiology and genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Genomics of Bifidobacterium

Molecular genetics of bacteriophage of Lactococcus

Bacteriophage resistance in Lactococcus : fundamental analysis of resistance systems and their application in the construction of phage resistant cultures 4902392University College Cork